I believe everyone should have a great profile photo of themselves. I believe everyone has the right to look gorgeous! I love the word gorgeous but I don't think I can ever overuse it! I think everyone deserves gorgeous photographs of themselves. You are not just my client but my valued friend.
Jun 18

June Newsletter: Melbourne Headshot Photography

The June edition is out! Grooming for your headshot
Now these tips will help you before you get in studio for your headshot but they are also great tips to use before a major meeting, click the link and check it out! 

May 25

May Newsletter: Melbourne Headshot Photography

If you are ever out with me you may hear me raving about profile photos and why I think everyone needs one. I have raved so much that my friend Mark sent me a link to a great article about the importance of headshots for your linked in profile - you can read the article at Lifehacker and once you've finished feel free to read my article and if you are in Melbourne come book in for a headshot now.  
I have limited availability for the remainder of May and June as I have work travel commitments outside of Melbourne, June 10th will be my last available date for this financial year! 

May 17

Melbourne Women in Business: Megan (Melbourne Headshot Photography)

Megan Hayne is the founder of online clothing boutique My Style Essentials
Megan is passionate about fashion and believes that every woman deserves to feel happy and confident in her own skin. 
Megan came in for a new headshot to be used to launch her new blog, as we all know, having a personal picture on your blog helps your reader get a sense of who you are. The little black dress she is wearing is from her collection and I love it!! Her goal is to bring you quality wardrobe basics that can be easily mixed and matched together to create endless outfit choices tailored to your own personal style. Click the links above and go check out the boutique and read her blog for handy styling hints!

May 11

Perth Beauty Portraits: Alecia

I was in Perth in March working on a personal project that I have yet to set a date to release and part of the project involved working with Alecia. Alecia is a gorgeous young thoughtful model. Thanks for taking direction so well and freezing in the water for me! These images below were pre the conceptual shoot - simple natural beauty images.
Tracy Condidorio Melbourne Model and Headshot Photographer

May 10

I'm inspired by my mamma

Well it's May so i am going to celebrate my mum in this post.  
She will probably kill me for blogging about her but what can I say she really is a giving selfless person!  
I am seriously very lucky to have her for a mum - she doesn't nag, let's me make my own mistakes and believes you should do whatever makes you happy. 
Love ya mum.  
and yes the photo is from way back in the archives!

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